BTL Emsella

Say No to Incontinence

BTL EMSELLA is a great option for women and men of any age who desire a non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in their quality of life. Due to factors such as the body’s normal aging, childbirth or menopause, the pelvic floor muscles decondition and insufficiently support the pelvic organs. These factors directly correlate with urinary incontinence.

Are you the right candidate for BTL Emsella?

According to NAFC*, over 200 million people worldwide are affected by incontinence. Are you one of them? Take a quick test!

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or engage in sports activities?
Do you need to go to the bathroom often?
Have you refrained from intimate life in the last months out of fear of insecurity?

If you answered “yes”, you are probably suffering from urinary incontinence. BTL Emsella is the first device of its kind and is FDA-cleared for treating urinary incontinence in women.

How does BTL Emsella work?

BTL EMSELLA uses electromagnetic energy to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation without getting undressed! A single BTL EMSELLA session brings thousands of Kegel-like contractions which help you train your muscles without any effort. Scientific research shows that 95% of treated patients have reported significant improvement in their quality of life.

Benefits of BTL Emsella

  • A non-invasive procedure with no recovery time.
  • Remain fully clothed during treatment.
  • Restores bladder and pelvic muscle control without time-consuming exercises.
  • A comfortable procedure that lets you relax during the 28-minute treatment.
  • You may observe improvement after a single session. Results will typically continue improving over the next few weeks.
  • Results after about six sessions, scheduled twice a week.
  • Patients have reported a significant pad reduction.**

Who stands behind BTL Emsella?

Founded in 1993, BTL has grown to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment. With over 1,500 employees located in more than 53 countries, BTL has revolutionized the way, offering the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening, cellulite & other medical aesthetic treatments.

BTL Emsella for Women
BTL Emsella for Men